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You’re ready to tie the knot and we’re here to make planning your Oahu Elopement a breeze!

Elopement  is about focusing on the most important things and we’re here to help.

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Anything in the packages can be customized by adding, deleting or modifying an element.

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The Venue

Are you looking for an oceanfront and beachfront setting for your special day? Yes, We have it! Tiki Moon Villas on Oahu’s North Shore has been doing weddings for 12 years running!

You will love our sunrise setting.

A Love Story

It’s all about the love!


Deb, “I had a dream that you said the “L” word to me,”
Erwin, “What “L” word? Lamington?”

They are both survivors of less-than-good relationship break-ups, the “L” word is intimidating. Lamington is safe, and well, delicious. “I Lamington you!” they said to each other.

Weeks later, Deb stopped by a bakery on her way to Erwin’s and bought him a Lamington.

Deb, “I got something for you.”
Erwin, “Wait, I have something for you too.”

Yes, Erwin had gotten Deb a Lamington as well. Then they say the “L” word to each other, the real “L” word this time.

On October 10, 2012, they said it here, at Tiki Moon Villas, in front of their loved ones. We are so honored they shared their Lamington Love day with us.

(Cultural reference…..Lamington is a popular Australian dessert, a sponge cake, coated with chocolate and sprinkled with coconut. And yes, Deb and Erwin are Australians. And  it is delicious…..I am a fan)

Tiki Moon Wedding on Oahu North Shore is a destination wedding venue, ideal for the weddingmooners and elopers.  Locale for a truly unique celebration of your journey.


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